Jenny's Room

Hoyle is a rock and roll band.



on that night

your heart breaks

call me

i'm not leaving you




Pure revival

I’ve got to let her know

Cartesian shorelines

They're such an obstacle

Where the dead now sleep, do they wait for me?


Tear my heart out

And tell me what you know

And each night, your heart breaks, call me

I’m not leaving you


You’re torn up. You're left out. You're gun shy.

It’s not what you do. It’s not right



Tell me if it’s not for you


God, I’m coming if you’re not

And I’ve been feeling shot

Tell me if you’re not, not, not

Are you not?


Hell or highwater baby you know the truth

I’ve got one left to call on the fall, I’m not leaving you

Won't you tell me if the problem’s rise up to the top?

I got one left to call on my fall

I’m not leaving you. I’m not leaving.