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      oh no. i've said too much.



Talking about the Bible, we have not mentioned Jesus yet. Who or what is Jesus to you? Is he the son of God?



. . . whatever that means. I mean all that sort of thing.

God has given us sort of a poem, a way of dealing with things conceptually that are just barely on the limit of our comprehension because our comprehension is limited.

One of the things that seems so striking to me in the narrative of Jesus is that we are to assume from the very beginning, from very early Christianity, that Jesus is a figure sacred enough to be understood as God and at the same time he can pass through the world as a man and be dealt with by most people under most circumstances, including his disciples. A man, an interesting one, an admirable one. It seems to me as if that is a sort of way of saying, “Look what a man is.”

That God himself could be embodied humanly and nevertheless alter the human presence so little that he could pass through the world as Jesus did, a son of a carpenter. The idea of creation is human-centered. It seems to me the great assertion of the centrality of the human is the incarnation — because Jesus could be so utterly a man and so utterly God. I mean if we are made in the image of God then he is certainly the most unambiguous demonstration of what that could mean.